September 2018
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National Revenue Observations
Overall, August revenues per adjusted discharge and patient day were slightly ahead of last year and the previous month. However, reported increases of approximately 1 percent were 2-4 percent behind budget expectations. Even with many hospitals entering a new fiscal year in July, they continued to struggle to achieve NPSR projections, impacting the validity of the related expense and capital investment budgets. Outpatient volumes continued to increase, as evidenced by growth in the IP/OP factor. However, the latest data shows several regions and size categories reporting minor year-over-year declines. Viewed overall, however, hospitals still reported outpatient volumes well ahead of budget projections. This is important to watch given that, in general terms, this metric has continued to grow. Declines typically are representative of niche operators, joint ventures, or retail competitors entering or expanding in a market.
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National Observations
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