October 2018
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National Revenue Observations
Nationally, September was a decent month in terms of revenue performance. While volumes generally underperformed, net patient service revenue per adjusted discharge increased month over month and year over year. This may signify an increase in acuity and correlated payment, which might be further supported by an observed increase in patient days. NPSR per Adjusted Discharge also slightly outperformed budget expectations. While Adjusted Patient Days increased, Net Patient Service Revenue per Adjusted Patient Day decreased, highlighting the role that bundled payments and value-based payment may play. The IP/OP factor continues its trend of increasing over last year, further demonstrating the shift toward outpatient services. Bad debt and charity metrics declined year over year, but increased month over month and were unfavorable to budget. This denotes the importance of hospitals gaining a better understanding of local changes to government patient coverage, which may drive larger uncollectable patient balances.
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National Observations
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